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Sporadic in disposition, it is a rare thing indeed to fully grasp what it is that dwells within the depths of this one's being. From hot to cold, day to night, he walks the fine line between enlightenment and sanity, with the cautious ease of a sinner preaching the gospel. Graced with the diplomat's smile, he is more then learned in the methods of manipulation; inviting the weak of mind into the swirling madness that his day to day life, brooking chaos with the gentle ease of a mother's guiding hand. Ever a sophist, this charismatic enigma of a man is a numinous presence in the barren wasteland of the Known Universe. Free-flowing waves of thick obsidian matriculate down the rugged masque of stoic perfection that was this one's face, cruel orbs of cunning amber striking out from beneath that veil of raven filaments. Clad in crude garb of an obscure desert dweller, he carries himself with an austere aura of dignified nobility in every aspect of the word; from the meticulous raiment which enraptures his statuesque personage to the learned manner in which rarely uttered, emotionless tones of soft-spoken baritone meandered past sanguine lips.

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Skullduggery & legerdemain are among the few of his stealthy crafts. Others include travel, scholarly pursuits, various martial arts.

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